Gymnosperms (Conifers, cycads and allies) — The Plant List - The term means naked seeds

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"gymnosperm" comes from the composite. naked-seed definition: Noun (plural naked seeds) 1. (botany) A gymnosperm seed which isn't enclosed in a plant ovary. Word Finder Scrabble® points: 15​.

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By Dakasa - 23:41
Definition of naked seed in the dictionary. Meaning of naked seed. Information and translations of naked seed in the most comprehensive.
By Gardazilkree - 21:40
The gymnosperms, also known as Acrogymnospermae, are a group of seed-​producing plants from the composite word in Greek: γυμνόσπερμος (γυμνός, gymnos, 'naked' and σπέρμα, sperma, 'seed'), literally meaning "naked seeds".
By Tujas - 18:31
Naked seed plants are called gymnosperms. This means that their seeds are exposed to the environment and not enclosed in a protective casing. The word.

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